The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient That Transforms Homemade Salad Dressing 

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• You’ve probably made your fair share of olive oil salad dressings with the usual suspects, like shallots and lemon zest, but have you ever thought of adding pomegranate molasses? According to this home cook, the addition turns a basic homemade salad dressing into a drool-worthy staple that will guarantee you finish ALL of your greens. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Stressed out? Watch out, because a bout of sickness could be just around the corner for you. [Health]

• In your quest to be more like Beyoncé, this information will probably come in handy: Turns out, she’s an undercover SoulCycle devotee. Excuse us while we go reserve a bike. [Well + Good]

Sweet potato pad thai is a thing and I’m having trouble controlling my drool. [Well + Good]

• And if you’re looking to lose weight, you’re going to need that recipe above, because you’ll be doing a LOT of cooking at home: Not surprisingly, new research shows that when you’re trying to drop pounds, eating out does you no favors. [TIME]

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