The Checkup: Why Having a Slow Metabolism Can Actually Be a Good Thing

And more healthy reads for your day.

• First off, according to an expert, we should be referring to our metabolisms as either efficient (read: slow) or inefficient (read: fast). And when it comes to metabolism, while a slow (er, efficient) metabolism is generally thought of as a culprit for weight gain, if you’re an athlete, it’s actually on your side, helping you store and maintain energy from food for workouts that require increased endurance. [Well + Good]

• Sad desk lunches are just that: Sad. Lucky for you, Curbed is making it easy to get away from your cubicle for a minute with this awesome map of secret green spaces around Philly, some perfect for picnicking. [Curbed]

• This is SO useful: 21 brilliant Bullet Journal techniques and layouts to track your mental health. Because life is easier when you can track where, exactly, in the week, you started to lose it. [BuzzFeed]

• And speaking of your mental health, you should quit bragging about how busy (read: insanity-inducing) work has been for you. Turns out, instead of making you look like a dedicated worker, doing so just makes you seem bad at your job. [Science of Us]

• A strangely large number of people are eating oranges in the shower and calling it self-care. [Vice]

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