The Checkup: 5 Fitness Apps Worth Sacrificing Space in Your Phone For 

And more healthy reads for your Friday!

• Figuring our which fitness apps are and aren’t worthy of the precious — limited! — space in your iPhone can be hard. That’s where this list of fitness apps you won’t regret downloading comes in. [Refinery29]

• The biggest skin care trend right now? According to a new report from Google, that would be face masks — but anyone with an Instagram account probably could’ve told you that. (If you’re looking for suggestions, this $7 pick is our favorite.) [The Cut]

• And speaking of skin care, people are touting Pepto Bismol as the next magical cure for skin woes. Yes, Pepto Bismol. Spoiler: dermatologists disagree. [Women’s Health]

Runner’s guilt is real. [Outside]

• Because it’s sick season: How to master the art of having a successful doctor’s visit. [MindBodyGreen]

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