The Checkup: The Expert-Backed Case for Skipping Your Workout Today (Really!)

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday!

• If you’re just re-kick-starting your commitment to your New Year’s resolution of getting fit, do know, you don’t need to hit the gym every single day. Experts recommend sticking to an every-other-day gym routine (so around three days a week) to start — and easing up on the intensity of your workouts while you’re at it — in order to see the best results. [Self]

• For everyone who says healthy eating costs way more than, well, not, research shows the extra hit to your wallet is around $1.50 per day — but there are ways to save on even this number. Here, a former dietitian for Whole Foods Market weighs in. [Men’s Health]

• How do you feel about biking in Philly? PeopleForBikes wants to know — and your input could help determine Philly’s spot in their 2017 PlacesForBikes city ranking. [CityLab]

• FYI: One of the ways sugar screws with you is by impacting your hormones. Endocrinologist Robert Lustig suggests aiming to consume only 27 to 30 grams of added sugar per day. For perspective’s sake, there’s nearly three times that amount (!!) in a 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew. [Outside]

• A lot of people — as in 57 percent of Americans, according to a new report — are stressed out by the current political climate. In other words, if you’ve been spending your days refreshing the New York Times homepage then face-palming, you’re not alone. [TIME]

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