The Checkup: The Healthy Kitchen Staples That Are Unexpectedly Sabotaging Your Skin 

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday!

• Bad news: Even if you’re sticking to your dermatologist-approved skincare regimen in the bathroom, there are still some sneaky culprits in your kitchen that could be sabotaging your skin-clearing efforts, like low-fat yogurt and — gasp! — fruit-heavy smoothies. [Women’s Health]

• Victory! New research shows that the key to getting a better workout may been doing fewer reps of high-intensity exercise. No, really! [Science of Us]

• Remember Dana Falsetti? She’s the New Hope native turned body-positive Instagram star we wrote about earlier this year. If you’re looking for more body-positive wisdom from her, she just published a piece on Well + Good. [Well + Good]

• Ruh-roh: Turmeric might not be the cure-all its been touted as. [TIME]

• Gross: A huge percentage of fish used in Los Angeles sushi (and probably sushi in other places, too) isn’t actually what the menu says it is, new research shows. [Grub Street]

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