Giant Yoga/Running/Meditation Fest Wanderlust 108 Coming Back to Philly  


Wanderlust 108 Philly | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Wanderlust 108 Philly | Photo by Adjua Fisher

This day is proving to be on the bad side. Case in point here. But we’ve found a sliver of sunshine on this otherwise gloomy day: The folks at Wanderlust 108, the awesome yoga/running/meditation fest that took over the Navy Yard back in October, just clued us into the fact that the fest will, in fact, be coming back to Philly, for the second time, in 2017.

Say it with me: YASSSSSS.

I attended Wanderlust 108 back in October and — despite some serious rain showers — it was awesome. (And a really great value, with tickets ringing in around $30.) But I made a serious effort to not get too attached. After all, two years ago, Wanderlust in the City didn’t come to Philly like we were expecting, and neither did the then-new Wanderlust 108, leaving us feeling pretty bummed. So imagine my joy when Wanderlust’s director of publicity Kim Small told me earlier today that yes, Wanderlust 108 will definitely be coming back to Philly in the fall of this year — and according to a press release announcing the spring Wanderlust 108 schedule, it looks like it will be even bigger and better than last year’s.

This year, along with the non-competitive 5K (which folks are encouraged to run, walk, or jump for joy through), the giant outdoor yoga class (complete with a DJ), guided meditation, the Kula Market and the kombucha garden, the fest has also added another lineup of classes — from yoga to hooping to Essential Oils 101 — to be held throughout the day in the fest’s new tented space dubbed the Haven.

Details about Philly’s event — like when and where it will be — are sparse, but Small tells us one thing for sure: Wanderlust 108 is coming to Philly in the fall, and the date and venue will be announced in a few months. We’ll just be over here waiting.

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