Surprise! Grace and Glory Yoga Just Tripled Its Philly Studio Locations

Grace and Glory Yoga and Hotbox Yoga, both Baptiste Yoga studios, have officially become one. 

Evidence of a fresh paint job at what's now Grace and Glory Manayunk | Photo via Brittany Everett

Evidence of a fresh paint job at what’s now Grace and Glory Yoga Manayunk | Photo via Brittany Everett

Well, here’s something we haven’t seen happen before: Grace and Glory Yoga and Hotbox Yoga, two Philly-area Baptiste Yoga studios, have become one. As of January 1st, the two studio locations that were previously housed under the name Hotbox Yoga, at 3527 Lancaster Avenue in West Philly and 4163 Main Street in Manayunk, will take on the Grace and Glory name. This brings Grace and Glory’s count of Philly studios from one, in Fishtown, to three. They also have a studio in South Jersey’s Northfield.

And, my dear Hotbox Yoga devotees, before you cry out in fear of losing everything you’ve come to know about your studio, do know that the West Philly and Manayunk studios are really just getting facelifts to fit the Grace and Glory feel, but most of what you love — the instructors, owner Brad Young, the style of teaching, the community — will still be there. In the case of this merger, the two studio’s three owners are really just putting their brains and resources together under one name to create a larger community for folks who love to get their sweaty power yoga on. Yogis who regularly hit up Hotbox have probably already noticed some changes, like paint jobs and new community tables, but the outdoor signage has yet to go up.

As Hotbox founder Young describes the merger, “It’s a partnership. And out of the partnership, it’s my hope that everyone who comes into any one of the studios gets a leveled-up, elevated experience. The opportunity to partner with each other allows all of us to do what we do best, instead of having to do a lot of things in an okay way. When there are more people focused on team and we have more people focusing on creating commnuity as a whole, it allows for more to get done, for more to be available.” Teamwork makes the dream work, ya know?

Brittany Everett, who owns the year-old Fishtown Grace and Glory location on Frankford Avenue, builds on this idea of the merger serving as a way to strengthen their community, saying, “Hotbox is such a strong community as it stands, and we,” — we being studio owners Young, Everett and Allie Nunzi, who owns the Northfield Grace and Glory Yoga location — “just see the value in coming together to create a large community.”

And to get to the question you’ve all been wanting to ask: Does this mean you can now use Grace and Glory Yoga class cards and memberships at all locations across the city and in Jersey? Yes, yes it does. (Insert squeals here.) And it also means that you’ll be seeing YOD classes (if you don’t know what that is, read up on my verrrry sweaty experience here), previously just at the Fishtown studio, on the West Philly and Manayunk schedules, and seeing instructors from all the studios floating around. The studios have also worked to bring their pricing into alignment over the past few months and integrate the Mindbody platforms so that members won’t be affected by the re-branding of Hotbox.

Now, let us just say, we’re pretty sure Grace and Glory and Hotbox win the “New year, new me” contest. If you’re planning on checking out any of the Grace and Glory Yoga studios, you can find the schedule of classes for all locations here.

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