Gym Hair Inspiration: 4 Hairstyles That Will Survive Your Workouts

Courtesy of a part-timeBecause let's face it: Sometimes, you just don't have time for a post-workout shower.

Too often, we find compelling reasons to skip a workout. The most common one, at least in my book, is that there’s simply not enough time in the day. If you’re factoring in shower time, along with hair drying and styling time, I hate to break it to you, but what you’ll find after adding all those minutes up is the perfect excuse to stay home instead of sweating. (Hey, we’ve all been there.) The good news is, you really don’t need to shampoo after every workout  — in fact, you shouldn’t be shampooing on the daily.

For your hair-salvaging, time-saving, workout-encouraging benefit, we’ve rounded up the four best gym hair styles we could find online. They’ll stand up to the toughest kickboxing class, sweatiest yoga flow or bounciest cardio sesh — plus you’ll be able to rinse that sweat off and jump into your real clothes without worrying about your hair at all. Morning Workout Resolution, meet an Extra Half-Hour of Time Saved. Score!

Before we begin, we need to cover one thing: dry shampoo. If it’s not already your hero hair product, it’s about to be. Whether you’re looking to add a little volume to your roots, extend the life of your blowout, or hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair since last Friday, this stuff is the bomb. It soaks up oils, smells amazing, and gives your hair that extra texturized oomph that’ll have you addicted in no time. Simply lift your hair, spray into the root, flip your hair back, and massage into your scalp — just be sure to spray into the underside of your hair (especially if you have darker roots) because it can look ashy and white at the base. Pro tip: Load up on the dry shampoo before working out, so that it’s already in place to soak up any sweat.

gym hair jasmine pony

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Gym Hair: Jasmine ponytail
Who doesn’t want to look like a combination of a Disney princess and Serena van der Woodsen for a workout? This ’do will keep your hair off your sweaty face while you pedal away in a SoulCycle glass.
Post-Workout Styling Tip: Give each section of your pony a little tightening tug after your workout. It’ll secure the style and add some volume to those gorgeous sections of hair before you step out onto the street.

gym hair braided pigtails

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Workout: Lifting
Gym Hair: Grown-up braided pigtails
Combine two classic schoolyard hairstyles, and work the mash-up into your everyday hair rotation. Inside-out French braids work best, keeping the hair tight and securing right at the base of your head with an elastic.
Post-Workout Styling Tip: Keep the braids tight until after your workout; after the workout, tease out the braid by pulling sections in the back loose for a more stylish, intentionally-messy look.

Gym Hair: Topknot
For a less cardio-packed workout, like a Pilates class, channel your inner JLo and slick that hair back into a high bun. The taller the topknot, the closer to unicorn status. It’s functional, super cute, and puts the emphasis on your beautiful face.
Post-Workout Styling Tip: Lock in any flyaways that may have come free during any hundreds with some hairspray to keep your look polished for the outside-gym world.

gym hair bunhawk

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Gym Hair: Bunhawk
Feeling like a warrior queen? This look is an easy way to tap into your inner goddess, and the look takes all of 90 seconds to achieve.
Post-Workout Styling Tip: Keep the buns tight for your workout — they’ll want to come loose while you bounce around. After the workout, spray any baby hairs into place and tease the buns out into a messier, more mohawk-y look.

There you have it, chicks: Four easy ways to take your gym hair from workout to the real world. Just be sure to load up on the dry shampoo and take a minute or two for hair touch-ups before you walk out the door.

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