The Checkup: If You Listen to Music at Work, You Need to Read This 

You'll thank us around 3 p.m. when you've accomplished way more than usual.

• To listen to music or not to listen to music while working? Studies point to no, but the never-ending-noise of an open office plan says yes. [The Atlantic]

• Ruh-roh, salt fiends: Looks like saltier dishes may fuel your appetite, leading you to consume more than you would if you put down the shaker. [Men’s Health]

• It’s time to step up our game, Philly: London has plans to build two new cycle superhighways. Yes, they are as cool as they sound. [Fast Company]

• The best time to work out is all relative, a new study shows. It comes down to whether you’re an early riser or a night owl. [Self]

• Ladies, ladies, ladies, a question: WHY is it so darn difficult to find a non-judgey gynecologist? [Vice]

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