The Checkup: The Worst Soups for Your Waistline 

• It’s soup season! And while soup may seem harmless — how bad can anything liquified really be for your waistline, right? — a bowl of the warm stuff can pack in tons of calories, sodium and fat. Here are the top six worst offenders, plus what to order instead. [Prevention]

• A little something to forward to your boss: According to science, open office plans really are terrible, at least when it comes to productivity. [TIME]

• Go ahead and bookmark this for around 4:30 p.m. when you start coming up with excuses to skip your evening workout: Why you should work outeven when you don’t feel like. [Women’s Health]

• Not all kombucha is created equal. Here’s how to choose which bottle to reach for the next time you’re at Whole Foods. [Well + Good]

• Because there is no worse week than a sleepless one: How to fall asleep faster. [Science of Us]

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