The Checkup: How to Blast Calories While Walking (Yes, Walking)

• Not every good workout has to leave you quite as red and sweaty as a Flywheel class. Proof: These four walking workouts, all of which help you blast calories in just 10 measly minutes. Dreams do come true. [Women’s Health]

• Kendall Jenner quit Instagram and Twitter for a mental detox. I suggest we all follow suit. (You first.) [Elle]

• ’Tis the season for holiday pies and pumpkin-spiced cocktails and, well, all the extra calories that come along with those. But holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable: Here are 31 science-backed ways to steer clear of unwanted pounds — and they don’t all include saying no to pie. [Greatist]

• Three new studies all point to one finding: Exercise is the enemy of depression. The lesson: Dust off those running shoes! [New York Times]

• Looking for fitness apps to keep you revved up through winter? Here are five (free!) apps worth downloading. [Men’s Health]

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