The Checkup: Want to Instantly Increase Your Workout’s Calorie-Burning Powers? Do This

• The easiest way to up the calorie-burning powers of your workouts? Sip on some coffee or tea before you get your sweat on. Both contain bioactive compounds that up metabolic rate and fat oxidation, which, long story short, leads to you burning more calories after exercise and at rest. Uh, yes, please! [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• I know: The last thing you want to do after a particularly stressful Thursday is rush from work to your workout class. But a new study suggests that’s exactly what you should do if you’re stressed. [The Cut]

• Our guts control a LOT, so you want that baby in tip-top shape. Here are five signs your gut is, well, not. [Women’s Health]

• Your six-step guiding to approaching the heavy weight area of the gym — without fear. [Well + Good]

• Mental health days: Are they something we should all have? [Huffington Post]

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