The Checkup: The Common Post-Workout Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

And more morning reads to help you have a healthy week.

• It’s not just what you do during your workouts that counts when it comes to crushing your fitness goals — what you do after you get your sweat on plays a big part, too. After all, how you recover after a workout contributes to how hard you’ll be able to go next time around. Here, five common post-workout mistakes, like skimping on sleep and staying glued to your desk chair all day, you need to stop making, stat. [Well + Good]

• Actually, your dog’s mouth is not cleaner than yours. In fact, it’s not even close. Lesson: Stop kissing your dog on the mouth (because you know you totally do) now. [Science of Us]

• If you’re smart, you’ll start tacking this three-minute fat-blasting circuit onto the end of your workouts. [Women’s Health]

• For those weeks when you come across broccoli for 99 cents per pound and decide to buy an entire fridge worth of the green veggie (just me?): A crowd-pleasing peanutty broccoli recipe. [Bon Appetit]

• Want to get more out of your burpee? Try adding a medicine ball. Your abs will thank you later. [Men’s Health]

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