What’s the Absolute Best Store-Bought Veggie Burger? 

We're asking you!

For a long time, I was a Morning Star Garden Veggie Burger gal when it came to store-bought veggie burgers. You could find me piling two patties layered with avocado slices (yep, I go H.A.M. when it comes to veggie burgers) onto a potato bun at any summer BBQ you found me at. But then I stopped eating soy and I had a momentary veggie-burger crisis. Would I EVER find a good veggie burger again?!?!?!

The answer was yes. First I found the Field Roast FieldBurger, which I thought was the very best veggie burger I’d ever had. (It’s juicy, guys — a juicy veggie burger!) But then, this past weekend, I sampled the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger — which is designed to mimic a true beef burger in texture and color (it’s colored with beet juice) —  at Pennsylvania Avenue’s shiny new Whole Foods, and I think it won me over.

But before I decide that I’ve found a new favorite store-bought veggie burger, I figured I’d pose the all-important question to you guys: What’s the absolute best store-bought veggie burger you’ve tried? Because we already know where the best restaurant veggie burgers in Philly are, but sometimes you want to chow down on a veggie burger from the comfort of your own couch.

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