You’re Storing Halved Avocados All Wrong

As an avocado addict, I rarely have half of an avocado left over after preparing a meal. I am a one-full-avocado-per-piece-of-toast kind of gal. (You may call it too much. I call it dedication.) That said, the rare times I do have half of an avocado left over, I usually leave the pit in and squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the flesh of the avocado to stop it from browning. After all, that’s what I’ve been told to do a billion-and-one times throughout my life. But that may not actually be the answer.

According to the folks over at Greatist, who chatted with food preservation and food safety expert Kathleen Riggs on the best ways to slow the spoilage process of everything from berries to ice cream, the best way to keep your halved avocado from turning brown is not to leave the pit in or rub the surface with lemon juice. Instead, she says you should rub the surface of the avocado flesh with a thin layer of olive oil, which creates a barrier from air, then stick it in a plastic bag and store in the fridge. Browning occurs when your beautiful green avocado is exposed to oxygen, so covering it with an olive oil barrier slows that process.

Here’s to eating perfectly green avocados always!

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