The Checkup: The One Abs-Toning Move to Do Before Every Workout

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• We love a good double-duty move around these parts: Working in standing toe touches before you get your sweat on serves as both a warm-up, upping your heart rate and improving mobility, AND strengthens your abs. We will take it! [Self]

• A study confirms what we’ve all known for years: We’re all being totally misunderstood over email. [Science of Us]

• If you’re all about keeping your pearly whites, well, pearly, watch out for these surprising habits that can screw with your smile. [Men’s Health]

• We often look to the cities we live in to make us happy, but what about looking at the relationship between where we live and our happiness from a different angle? That’s what one author suggests. [CityLab]

• Did you know your body can become resistant to your favorite deodorant? NOOOOOOO. [Women’s Health]

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