The Checkup: Trying to Lose Weight? Do These 6 Things Before Lunch 

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• Earlier, I saw a headline that read something along the lines of “20 Things to Do to Have a Healthy Night.” I thought to myself, twenty things to do just so I can go to bed? Pass. But six things — six things seems manageable enough. And if you’re trying to lose weight, checking these six tasks off your to-do list in the hours leading up to lunch is a simple way to up your weight-loss game. [Men’s Health]

• If you are an avocado-toast-everyday kind of human like me, take note of this handy guide to pick out the best bread for your health. [Women’s Health]

• Well, this just may be the cutest way to pack your mid-morning snack. Scratch that — it’s definitely the cutest way to pack your mid-morning snack. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Just one more reason to get more sleep: It could make you like your significant other more. [Science of Us]

• Hey, runners! If you’re not prehabbing, you’re doing it wrong, according to the director of Stanford Runner’s Injury Clinic Michael Frederickson. [Well + Good]

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