Observation: Stripp’d Juice Is Turning Into a Healthy Eater’s Dream Brunch Spot

Matcha Bowl at Stripp'd Juice

Matcha Bowl at Stripp’d Juice

BREAKING NEWS, people: This morning, I hoofed it over to Old City’s Stripp’d Juice to try their new Matcha Bowl, an acai bowl-like creation that’s made with a base of kiwi, banana, spinach and matcha, then topped with three of whichever of their “superfoods” you’re in the mood for that day. Think: goji berries, cacao nibs, shaved fresh coconut, almond butter and so on. And before you interrupt me to ask if it was the bomb dot com, the answer is heck yes.

As I was there, I noticed that Stripp’d seems to be turning into a healthy eater’s dream brunch spot — very important information given Saturday brunchtime is just about 24 hours away now. The shop, which started off with just juice and their smoothie-like Stripps has been veering into more chewable territory with menu items like Chipotle Guac Toast — a fancy avocado toast made with chipotle guacamole, orange blossom honey and maldon sea salt (YUM) — a brioche egg sandwich, Toasted AB & J (that would be almond butter and jam) and their bowls: Acai and Matcha. If this small-but-mighty selection sounds like perfect post-Saturday-morning-yoga brunch food to you, that’s exactly what I thought to myself as I stared at the menu this morning.

AND, to top it off, they’re located right next door to Inspired Brews, the fermentary that brews up its own Best of Philly-winning kombucha, a bubbly beverage touted with all sorts of benefits including taking the edge off a killer hangover.

So, with avocado toast, green juice that would certainly mix well with champagne, and kombucha right next door, do you see what I mean about Stripp’d turning into a healthy eater’s dream brunch spot? Make your weekend plans accordingly.

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