The Checkup: The Body Part You Should Be Working Out (But Aren’t)

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• When was the last time you thought about working out your ankles? Never? Thought so. Time to change that: Spending just a few minutes upping the strength and mobility of your ankles could pay off big while you’re working out other areas of your body. [Men’s Health]

• If anyone works hard at being the best of the best in their field, it’s an Olympic athlete — so you KNOW they have some great tips for honing their skills. Here, a few Olympic champions share their tips for success, from visualization to looking at pressure in a different light. [Fast Company]

• Calling all fidgeters! Keep doing what you’re doing — science says it’s good for your health. [Futurity]

• If you’ve got a busy week ahead of you, take note: Here, three drool-worthy healthy dinners that come together in under 20 minutes. (We say start with the Speedy Pot Noodle Soup. YUM.) [Well + Good]

• My best friend, now a Canadian resident, recently turned me on to sweetening my coffee with maple syrup. And turns out, swapping out sugar for maple syrup could have a slew of health benefits. #Winning [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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