Run215 Challenges You to Conquer Worst Fears (Example: Run With Your Ex) With Runner’s Bingo

The payoff: There could be some sweet prizes in it for you.

Question: Would you ever, in a million years, willingly run two miles with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? I’m going to have to go with a solid absolutely NOT on that one, but I’m betting some folks — you know, the people with serious competitive streaks out there — will be doing just that over the next few weeks. Why? Run215’s Bingo Challenge, that’s why.

Here’s the deal: Run215 just launched their latest running challenge, Run215 Bingo. If you join in, you’ll get a Bingo sheet complete with challenges to check off, like “Run 2 miles with an ex” (no, no, no), “Run at least 1 mile in your skivvies,” “Recruit a family member to run” and more. Between now and August 18th, Run215 will be announcing squares to cross off on their website (they announced the first yesterday: organize your own group runs) to get to Bingo. Then, you log the squares you cross off from your Bingo sheet on a shared Google Doc.

Runners are also encouraged to cross off squares on their own — and there are sweet prizes in it for you: Anyone who gets Bingo, completes 10 squares on their sheet or completes the entire board (very ambitious) by August 18th will be entered into raffles for sweet prizes from the likes of The Philly 10K, New Balance, Saucony Creek Brewing Company and more. You just have to prove that you have, indeed, completed the challenge listed on the square by documenting it on Instagram with #Run215Challenge and #Run215.

You can find the full rundown of the rules and snag your Bingo sheet here. And if you do end up running with your ex, please (PRETTY please) tag @bewellphilly in your Instagram post. We will be OH so impressed.

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