The Checkup: How to Deal With a Terrible Night’s Sleep Come Morning

And more healthy headlines to jump-start your morning.

• Sometimes I wake up and swear I only slept for 15 minutes and I know a siesta is necessary in my near future unless I’d like to be a miserable human being for the rest of the day. But a sleep expert out of Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine says sleeping in or squeezing a nap in after a crappy night of sleep probably isn’t the best way to deal, actually: according to him, the best way to cope with a lack of sleep isn’t to try to make up for it the next day but to just suck it up throughout the day so you are sleepy enough to get back on track the next night—sleeping in or squeezing in an hours-long afternoon nap could actually backfire on you come bedtime, screwing up your sleep for way longer than one night. [Science of Us]

• Most of us probably haven’t attempted a cartwheel since we were 14 (if you have, kudos), but maybe it’s time to revisit our middle school days, because this stunt is a serious mini sweat sesh. It works your hamstrings, core, shoulders and requires some serious balance. [Refinery29]

• Here, the spice to add to, oh, just about everything for an extra health boost. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If you’re not drinking eight ounces of water for every 20 minutes you exercise, you’re not doing it right, apparently. [Men’s Health]

• I am a huge fan of a good energy bite: They’re no-bake, you know exactly what’s in them and they taste AH-MAZING after a grueling workout. Here are 18 recipes to whip up your own at home. [Runner’s World]

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