7 Frozen Vegan Treats in Philly to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Because it is HOT out there, people.


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It is hot out there, people. And if you are dreaming of dumping your face in a bucket of ice, only to come up for air and find an ice cream cone in front of your face, ready for the taking, you are not alone. The problem: If you steer clear of dairy, tracking down a sweet frozen treat to satisfy your ice-cream cravings can be a little tricky.

So, to help you figure out where to head to snag a frozen vegan treat to cool you down, we’ve rounded up seven (that’s one for every day of the week—we won’t judge if you knock ’em all out in one week, either) of our favorite frozen vegan sweet treats around town — from ice cream to banana whips to smoothies — to have on your bucket list. We say you start crossing ’em off the list today.

WhereLittle Baby’s Ice Cream, 2311 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown, and 4903 Catherine Street, West Philly.
What to order: Vegan Thai Iced Tea ice cream. This one is a Be Well Philly favorite, and it’s basically heaven on a cone. Really. If this isn’t in the rotation, they usually have a handful of vegan flavors to choose from.

Where: V Street, 126 South 19th Street, Rittenhouse.
What to order: Ais Kacang, a vegan corn custard topped with blackberry granita, adzuki, basil and pineapple. Talk about a flavor bomb in your mouth. They also have a rotating vegan soft-serve on deck at all times.

Where: Stripp’d Juice, 263 North 3rd Street, Old City.
What to order: The Wired Stripp. This smoothie-like concoction is basically blended bulletproof coffee, so you get an afternoon pick-me-up AND cool down. (Just make sure to ask for it without honey.)

Where: Animo, 1701 Arch Street, Center City.
What to order: A banana whip — that’s a custard-like treat that’s made entirely from bananas, folks! — topped with anything from fresh fruit to hemp seeds (hellooo, protein) and more.

Where: Franklin Fountain, 116 Market Street, Old City.
What to order: Their summer special, dairy-free blueberry ice cream made with coconut milk and fresh, local blueberries. Psst: They also have vegan whipped cream!

Where: Hip City Veg, 214 South 40th Street, University City or 127 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse.
What to order: A chocolate (my favorite), vanilla, or orangesicle milkshake. Seriously, these are the BOMB.

Where: Front Street Café, 1253 North Front Street, Fishtown.
What to order: The Matcha Mint Chip smoothie. This minty concoction will satisfy your cravings for a cone of mint chip — without making you feel even a tiny bit guilty.

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