The Checkup: 3 Surprising Foods You Think Are Healthier Than They Really Are

And more healthy reads to start your morning on the right foot.

• What do granola bars, coconut oil, and frozen yogurt all have in common? Well, my friends, they are three foods you probably think are a whole lot healthier than nutritionists do, according to a recent survey done by the New York Times. I know: The coconut oil news is a real bummer. The good news? According to nutritionists, wine is better for you than you think. [The New York Times]

• What happens when a podiatrist gets fed up with supportive shoes being just plain ugly? You get these beautiful heels that you won’t want to throw out the window. [POPSUGAR]

• I get it: You’re busy and once your workout is over you have a bajillion things to do that don’t include cooling down. But depending on the intensity of your workout, you might want to rethink that mindset. [Men’s Health]

• Instead of throwing the tops of strawberries away, throw them into a pitcher of water for a refreshing drink — how very green (quite literally.) [Huffington Post]

• To hit up SoulCycle or to hit up the Schuylkill River Trail on two wheels? That is the question. And this is the answer. [Refinery29]

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