Di Bruno Bros. Surprises With New Smoothie Bar (With Smoothie Bowls!) 

Next time you're sweating your face off on Chestnut Street, you know where to duck into for relief.

Menu at new Di Bruno Bros. smoothie bar | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Menu at new Di Bruno Bros. smoothie bar | Photo by Adjua Fisher

First comes the beer store, then comes the smoothie bar: This morning, I had a craving for some fresh fruit so I stopped into the Rittenhouse Di Bruno Bros. to grab some watermelon, only to be surprised by a full-blown smoothie bar set-up alongside their in-store coffee bar. What the whaaaaat?

The folks at the store told me the smoothie bar debuted yesterday. The menu features pretty cleverly named options like the Kale Yeah, a smoothie with kale, pineapple, banana, mint, green tea, lime and a Vitamin C boost; the Getting’ Figgy Wit It, a smoothie bowl with a blended base of banana, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, ground flaxseed and local honey, topped with dried figs, almond butter, blueberries and Michele’s Original Granola; parfaits; and smoothie add-ons. I called around to see if any other Di Bruno’s locations had hopped on the smoothie train and was told that, right now, Rittenhouse is the only location slinging freshly made smoothies.

Add this to the fact that Di Bruno’s Rittenhouse location also has kombucha on tap and sells cold-pressed juice made on-site, and I’d say they’re officially a go-to spot for healthy, ice-cold drinks. So the next time you’re sweating your makeup off while walking down Chestnut Street, you know where to pop in for relief.

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