University City District Wants to Reduce Your Encounters With Overcrowded, Rage-Inducing Bike Parking

You know when you sweat your face off biking to your destination, hop off your bike, look around for bike parking and realize there is none? Or worse, you see that the bike parking that is there is stuffed with what looks like every single bike from the entire neighborhood in a jumbled mess that definitely doesn’t have any room for one more to be added to the pile? When this happens, you could cry tears of rage — or, if it happens to happen in University City, you could take a photo of said jumbled mess in the hopes that, thanks to your photo, more bike parking eventually gets plopped down there.

Last week, University City District posted a blog post saying that they are crowd-sourcing photos of out-of-repair and overcrowded bike parking, along with photos of bikes parked to trees and railings due to a lack of bike parking, in commercial corridors and destinations around the neighborhood. All you have to do when you come across a bike-parking situation where you would’ve once rage-cried is post a photo of the bike-parking situation to Twitter with the hashtag #UCbikeparking, along with the date, time and location.

The University City District says they’ll use these photos to help choose future bike-rack locations. I looked at the hashtag, and unless I’m completely technologically stunted (possible), it doesn’t seem like anyone has tweeted photos using it. So hop to it, all you University City residents and workers who get around on two wheels!

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