Pelvic Floor Exercises: 5 At-Home Exercises to Do for Better Sex 

You can thank us later. 

If you were at Be Well Philly Boot Camp earlier this month, chances are you hung out with Christina Stoltz, owner of Northern Liberties’ Ploome Fitness and Lifestyle Boutique — who just so happens to be an expert in all things having to do with the pelvic floor — at some point in the day. Along with leading a Stripp’d: Cardio-Core Workout, she also gave a talk in our Speakers’ Lounge on how to strengthen your pelvic floor to get a stronger core and have better sex.

If you are currently cursing yourself for missing it, we’ve got good news for you below. 

The lovely Stoltz made a recap video of the pelvic floor exercises she outlined in her talk, “Power to the P: Why Your Pelvic Floor Is the Secret to a Stronger Core and Better Sex,” so that all the ladies (and men!) out there can do them at home. Check out her video of the exercises (all you need to do ’em is a towel) below.

Along with making this handy video, Stoltz is also giving Be Well Philly readers a taste of Ploome’s Peak Peformance Pelvic Floor Series virtual workout. Check it out here for access to the video for 24 hours. Strong pelvic floor (and better sex), here you come!

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