How to Get a $5 Lunch From These Healthy Rittenhouse Spots Every Thursday

CorePower Yoga is helping you get the very most out of your lunch hour.

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Picture this: It’s a Thursday, mid-morning, and you’re slumped over at your desk trying to decide what’s more vital when it comes to getting you through the day, an afternoon sweat session or a running to grab a healthy, energizing lunch. But before you waste time making a pros and cons list, listen up: Our friends over at Rittenhouse’s CorePower Yoga are helping you kill both birds with one stone.

Here’s the deal. Every Thursday, When you sign into CorePower’s 12 p.m. lunchtime class, you will be asked if you also want to have lunch waiting for you on the way out for — get this — just an additional five bucks. And this isn’t your typical $5 affair: We’re talking meals from Pure Fare, Ango Grill and Yoku, vegan and vegetarian options included.

Each week, one of the three restaurants will send a menu to CorePower which you’ll order off of before class. While you and your fellow yogis are getting your sweat on, the food will get prepared and be delivered to CorePower. Then, after an hour of hard work, your sweat-drenched self will be handed your freshly made to-go lunch, which you can take back to the office. Talk about making the most of your lunch break, are we right?

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