The Checkup: The Ingredient to Throw on Everything You Eat to Burn More Fat

And more healthy headlines to jumpstart your week.

• With Beyoncé in town yesterday, we feel there’s no better time than now to talk about hot sauce. (After all, Queen Bey does carry it in her bag.) Turns out, hot sauce can work all sorts of wonders for your health, from helping you to burn more fat (really!) to boosting your mood (again, really!) and more. [Women’s Health]

• Are you in need of a smartphone vacation? This video, which breaks down all of the harm your phone may be causing you, may be just the catalyst to get you to take one. [ASAPScience]

• Daydreaming of shinier hair? You may want to start drinking your water at room temperature. (Trust us, it makes sense.) [Well + Good]

• As a pretty restless person, meditation has never been my strong suit — or so I thought. Apparently, there are  different types of mediation to suit different personality types. [POPSUGAR]

• We know you’ve tried coconut water but have you tried cactus water? At half the calories and sugar of coconut water, plus inflammation-fighting powers, it might be worth a shot.  [Outside Online]

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