Discover Philly’s Hidden Treasures With This Sweet Series of Group Bike Rides

Hidden City and SPOKE Magazine will enlighten you with their Bikesploration series.

So you bike to work everyday, and it’s great: You get your blood flowing AND you get a workout in all before even really starting your day. But do you ever actually pay attention to everything you’re biking past? Do you examine the architecture? Note the different birds flying overhead? Observe the different building materials used on a certain block? Probably not.

Okay, before you conclude I am crazy — yes, I know your boss won’t accept the excuse of, “Sorry, I took a few minutes to stop and figure out if the Wawa was built with stucco or not,” for being late — hear me out. Hidden City Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to bringing hidden gems of the city to the front stage, and SPOKE Magazine, a local cycling publication, are working together to bring you Bikesploration, a group bike ride series that gives you the chance to really pay attention to the city as you peddle — no repercussions.

Bikesploration is a series of four separate rides throughout the month of June, three of which will wind their way through the Philly while the fourth will tackle Camden. The first two are all about Philly architecture, with the first focusing on all the modernist buildings you’ve probably never noticed and the second zoning in on hidden architectural gems. The third ride of the series, designed for all the nature lovers out there, will explore hidden pockets of nature in North Philly, and the last ride will take you through Camden to show you that yes, it is more than just a city with an aquarium.

Dates for the rides are June 11th, June 18th, June 19th and June 25. All of the rides are expected to last around two hours and request you bring your bike, a helmet and water — lots and lots of water. It’s summer in Philly, you know the deal. The rides will cost $10 for students and Hidden City members and $15 for everyone else. Note: They’re BYOB, as in bring your own bike. So go ahead and clear a couple of hours one weekend, hop in the saddle and pay attention to what’s around you while shifting gears.

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