Big News: Wanderlust 108 Date and Location Announced for Philly

Tickets for the yoga/running/meditation fest go on sale next week!

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo via Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

We’ve got some big news, guys. Like, sure-to-get-you-giddy-with-excitement BIG news. Here it goes: Wanderlust 108, the giant festival that combines yoga, running, meditation and music (plus a kombucha bar!), just announced exactly when and where they’ll be setting up in Philly this fall. Can I get a drumroll, please? The fest will be coming to the Navy Yard on Saturday, October 8th. Eeeeeee!

We told you guys all about Wanderlust 108 here back when we first found out the festival would be coming to town, but to give you a quick rundown of what to expect: The day-long festival, dubbed a “mindful triathlon,” consists of lots of moving (see what we did there?) pieces. First, there’s a noncompetitive 5K run (or walk — up to you!), then a 75-minute yoga class complete with a DJ and, last but not least, a 30-minute guided meditation session. See? A mindful triathlon.

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

Then there’s the Kula Market, which, per the press release, “will offer the finest from local craft vendors, including unique apparel, jewelry and handcrafted items.” That’s also where you’ll find the kombucha garden put on by Health-Ade (if you haven’t had their Cayenne Cleanse, October 8th will surely be the day you get hooked), along with a cafe and juice bar.

Essentially, the festival is a fitness junkie’s eight-hour utopia.

Tickets for Wanderlust 108 in Philly will go on sale here next Wednesday, May 25th. Go ahead and set a Google Calendar alert, friends! (The website currently says May 24th but Kimberly Smalls, Wanderlust’s director of publicity, tells us it’s been moved to the 25th.) Prices for the tickets have yet to be released, but in other cities they’ve started around $29 with the option to upgrade at extra cost (think: add picnic lunch). And some good news for parents: Kids get in free.

Note: If you can’t find me for the rest of the afternoon, it’s because I’m busy daydreaming about the big day.

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