The Checkup: Why Paper Cuts Are Always So Much More Painful Than They Look

And more reads to help you understand life just a little bit more this morning.

• Fact: When you get a paper cut on your finger, it hurts — really bad. But complaining about a paper cut can make you feel like a wimp, because, they’re usually so darn tiny. But know: The pain from that tiny cut is not all in your head. Apparently, our fingers are more sensitive to pain than most other areas of the body, which is why the littlest paper cut can make you cry like a baby. [Men’s Health]

• Well, this will make you want to get our of your desk chair and do 10 push-ups fast: New research by Reebok shows the average human will only spend a measly 0.69 percent of their life exercising. [Well + Good]

• Well, this is disgusting: A new study that looked at 258 burgers, from fast-food burgers to frozen burgers to veggie burgers, found some pretty gross stuff — rat DNA, to name one — in between the buns. [GrubStreet]

• Interesting! The trajectory of your body shape says a lot of about your health, a new study shows. [Science of Us]

• This is mind-blowing: Kill-free meat made by scientists could be hitting dinner tables in the not-too-distant future. [Attn]

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