The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient to Make a Better (and Healthier!) Margarita

And more healthy reads for your Thirsty Thursday.

• The time has come, friends: It’s Cinco de Mayo. So, we’re pretty sure you have a margarita or two in your near future, and it should probably be this healthier take made with fresh ginger, pineapple, lime, tequila and — here’s the secret ingredient that gives it a nice fiber punch plus a creamy consistency — avocado. Happy guilt-free sipping! [Well + Good]

• Welp, this is unsettling: A new study shows the third leading cause of death in the U.S., coming in just after heart disease and cancer, is medical error. [The Washington Post]

Beyoncé is dipping her toes into world of fitness drinks. No lemon-flavored drinks here, though. She just invested in a startup that specializes in cold-pressed watermelon juice. Mmmm. [Fortune]

• Why you should go fill up your water bottle right now. (Hint: Your waistline will thank you later.) [Fast Company]

• Think you could never lift a car? Think again, science says. [Science of Us]

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