The Checkup: Why You Should Say Yes to Happy Hour With Coworkers

And more morning reads to start your day.

• We all know having friends is good for your health. And new research shows, having friends who are also your coworkers, despite all the time wasted sending Slack giphys that entails, actually ups ratings come time for work performance reviews. So next time your boss sees you goofing off with a colleague, forward them this post. [Science of Us]

• A disheartening study on the contestants from season eight of The Biggest Loser shows just how much your body fights against weight loss. [The New York Times]

• Is monotasking the new multitasking? We hope so. [Well + Good]

• New research shows a link between diets rich in red wine and chocolate and the diversity of bacteria in the microbiome. If you’re thinking that sentence might as well be written in ancient symbols, just know: greater diversity is good, so go ahead and have a piece of chocolate this afternoon. [The Washington Post]

• Cool! How your brain processes words, broken down with a neat interactive brain map. [Fast Company]

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