The Checkup: How Your GrubHub Addiction Could Be Good for You — Really!

And more healthy headlines for your morning.

• In amazing news from the world of science: A new study found that when we order food through a digital platform, we are less likely to make unhealthy choices, as opposed to when we order directly from a human. So if you eat out all the time anyway (which, let’s face it, a lot of us do), you might as well take the talk-free, healthier route and order through GrubHub. And don’t you dare feel guilty about it! [Science of Us]

• Interesting! Colleges are teaching kids how to sleep now. [Huffington Post]

• Let’s give this Philly runner a big round of applause; he played a big part in one Boston Marathon runner’s finish. [Metro]

• YUM: Seven ways to make pesto at home, from classic all the way to carrot-cilantro. [Greatist]

• There’s been lots of marijuana talk this week, what with Governor Wolf legalizing medical marijuana this past Sunday, so a question: How does marijuana affect your workout? [Well + Good]

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