Bummer: Philly VegFest Isn’t Happening This Year (But It’s Not All Bad News)

Philly VegFest 2015 | Photo via Facebook

Philly VegFest 2015 | Photo via Facebook

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering when Philly VegFest would announce the date for this year’s festival. After all, Be Well Philly readers are always VERY excited to know when the full day of all-vegan everything — with food, shopping and music — is going to go down. And then, last week, I saw some sad news: Philly VegFest posted a note on their Facebook page saying the event would not be happening this year. Womp, womp. See the note below.

BUMMER, right? I reached out to Philly VegFest to see why the event isn’t happening this year, and I heard back from one of the organizers, Lydia Chaudhry, a volunteer and board member of The Humane League, which has organized the event in Philly for the past two years. As she told me, “I organized the 2014 and 2015 Philly VegFests, with the help of many many other volunteers and supporters. I was unable to organize a 2016 event as I have relocated to California this year. We did look for an outside entity to take over the planning, but that fell through, unfortunately at a late date.”

But it’s not all bad news! As she says, that outside entity she mentioned above “may take over in 2017.” So she has “high hopes that a Philly VegFest will return in the future.”

And, while it doesn’t look like VegFest will be happening in Philly in 2017, there is a VegFest happening not too far from the city in the fall: Phoenixville will be having their very first Phoenixville VegFest, put on by the Peace Advocacy Network, on Saturday, September 17th. Who wants to carpool?

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