City Fitness Launching Citywide Fitness Challenge to Get Philly Moving

Let’s be real: In Philadelphia, we’re probably better known for our love of cheesesteaks and amazing pretzels than our dedication to physical fitness. But City Fitness, which has four locations around Philly, is looking to change that image with their #MyCityMoves fitness campaign, encouraging people all over the city to get their sweat on this March. And if adopting a healthier lifestyle isn’t enough inspiration, how does thousands of dollars in cash prizes sound? Have you already put on your sweatband and entered a squat position?

You might’ve seen word of the #MyCityMoves campaign on Instagram over the past few weeks: Philly fitness leaders — like Eagles player Connor Barwin and Jon Lyons of Run215, to name a few — are leading the campaign and getting people involved. So, what’s the deal? Well, it’s really pretty simple. The campaign is all about getting people all over the city moving, so to join in you just need to register. The $99 registration gets you a MyZone belt, a fitness tracker worn across your chest. Then, you get to sweating.

From March 7th through March 31st, you’ll be competing with fitness Influencers like Lyons and Barwin, along with tons of others around the city through exercise. It’s your job to earn as many MEPs (MyZone Effort Points), which the belt tracks by measuring your heart rate. To up the competition factor, how you’re stacking up against other participants is posted to a live leaderboard online.

As director of marketing at City Fitness, Tom Wingert, said in a press release, “There’s incredible energy in the shift Philly is experiencing from one of the fattest cities in the country to the fittest. Think about how powerful it will be when the most influential fitness leaders in Philadelphia come together to inspire their communities to work out together.”

So what’s the point? (I mean, aside from upping your fitness condition.) That’s where the cash we mentioned above comes in: The person who earns the most overall MEPs, the person who burns the most calories, and the participant who makes the biggest comeback from inactivity to a dedication to fitness will each receive $1,000. Also, every 1,300 MEPs you earn will get you a raffle ticket toward a $5,000 prize. Lastly, the participant who recruits the most people to join the #MyCityMoves movement will get a $2,000 donation made to Connor Barwin’s charity, Make The World Better, made in their name.

Registration closes on February 28th, so if you want a chance at padding your wallet, hop to it. You can learn more and register here.

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