The Checkup: The Science-Backed Trick for Eating Less That Has Nothing to Do With Food

And more healthy reads that caught our eye this morning.

• Check out these intriguing results of a small new study: It found that keeping your kitchen tidy could help you eat less. On the flip side, a cluttered kitchen could lead you to eat more. [Greatist

• Want to work on your back this weekend? Here, five moves designed to shred your back to pieces (in a good way). [POPSUGAR]

• Imagine a world where you could decipher the nutritional content of food at the grocery store in no more than a split second. It may not be that far off, thanks to an easy-to-understand food labeling system called NuVal. [Huffington Post]

• Say buh-bye to your flabby inner thighs: Tone them with these 16 targeted moves. [Shape]

• Get this: Whole Foods Market is trying to appeal to younger customers with a new spin-off grocery chain called 365 by Whole Foods Market. It will include a just announced store-in-a-store concept called “Friends of 365,” which could bring everything from skincare vendors to record stores to — wait for it — tattoo parlors into the grocery store locations. [BloombergBusiness]

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