Ploome’s Virtual Challenge: Work Out for $1 a Day — Without Ever Leaving Your House

It doesn't get much more winter-friendly than this.

If you’ve come to Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual day of wellness for women in June, you’ve no doubt had your butt completely kicked by the trainers of Northern Liberties’s Ploome Fitness & Lifestyle Boutique. Last year, they taught a Cardio Burlesque class that was quite the (SUPER sweaty) hit. Anyway, the folks at Ploome recently launched a virtual platform full of fitness videos, and they’re giving Be Well Philly readers a chance to try them by getting their sweat on for just a $1 a day in their Sweaty Superhero Challenge. Bonus: You never have to leave your house to get in on it. Really.

Here’s the deal: When you sign up for the Sweaty Superhero challenge, which will get you 45 days of Ploome’s virtual workouts for $45 (plus tax), you’ll get access to a slew of virtual workouts — which are the lovely combination of both killer and short, at 15 to 25 minutes each — along with a Ploome Peak Performance Travel Training Kit, which includes a resistance band, plus an accountability journal, one of Ploome’s Mindfull Meal bars and, if you complete the challenge, a Ploome Mission Mala (a cute beaded bracelet) designed specifically for the Sweaty Superhero Challenge finishers.

So, what do you have to do to complete the challenge? Well, from February 15th through March 31st, you have to get your sweat on with one of Ploome’s virtual workouts every single day, keep track of your workouts in your journal, and post a daily photo or video of yourself getting your sweat on to Instagram with #sweatysuperhero and #ploomephilly. Once you complete the challenge, they’ll mail your Ploome Mission Mala to you.

To get in on the action — which will ensure you can see your abs, or at least some semblance of them, come the end of sweater season — you just have to sign up here by February 8th and pick up your Sweaty Superhero starter kit at the studio (1040 North American Street) by February 14th, or email them here to have it mailed to your house before the challenge starts. Then, come February 15th, get to sweating! And mean time, check out this adorable video of superhero-clad studio owner Christina Stolz talking about the challenge.

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