The Checkup: The Best Gloves, Socks and More to Warm You Up When You’re Freezing

And more health reads to get you moving this morning.

• When you want to find out the best gear for conquering cold weather (or in our case, an office that could double as an ice box), you go right to the source: the freezing people of the Internet. Here, 31 tried-and-true products to warm you up in no time recommended by people who are as cold as you. [Buzzfeed

• Ah, the medicine ball: one of the most forgotten, underutilized pieces of equipment at the gym. No more! Check out these moves for torching your abs using only a weighted medicine ball. [Fitness Magazine]

• Quick! What do you think the average age is of first-time moms in America? It’s apparently at an all-time high. (Though, to be honest, it’s still much lower than I would have guessed.) [TIME]

• Make your belly (and your body) happy. Read this smart Q&A, with Happy Gut author Dr. Vincent Pedre, right now. [New York Times]

• This workout only takes five minutes — but that doesn’t mean it won’t kill you. [Men’s Health]

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