This Is My Absolute Favorite Item From Lululemon (And No, It’s Not Leggings)

Or: A Love Letter to My Lululemon Bag

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love my Lululemon leggings like most people love their firstborn child. And unlike most of my clothes, I actually try my best to take really good care of them — but they aren’t my favorite thing from the fitness store, otherwise known as Mecca for the yoga-obsessed and shopping-obsessed women (and some men!) of the world. My favorite thing isn’t even my Lululemon yoga mat, which is so magnificently light, I’m astounded every time I carry it to work. This, my friends, is my favorite item: The free small bag they give you with your purchase. Seriously.

You see, I use the bag — which is super-foldable and easy to fit into my work bag, seems to be water resistant on the outside, and even has a snap closure — as a lunch bag every single day for work, and I wouldn’t carry my lunch any other way. I’m not super worried about anything spilling in the bag because, after all, it was free. And it fits even my largest of lunches: I’m talking a bottle of kombucha, a salad, an avocado, some chocolate, a bag of grapes — and a piece of toast for breakfast! The one downside is that it’s not insulated. But I mean, it’s also not actually a lunch bag and I didn’t pay anything for it, so I can let that one go.

No joke, guys: I love this bag so much that a few months ago, after my boyfriend went on a cleaning spree and put all sorts of things in places where no one would ever find them (because that’s our version of cleaning), I couldn’t find the bag and I nearly had a mental breakdown. Then, a few days later, I located it and it was like finding gold. I apologized profusely to my boyfriend (it was so necessary), then gleefully packed my lunch, elated to have the bag back in my life.

When I mentioned my love for my Lululemon bag to Be Well Philly editor Emily, she said “Oh, I know, I have like four of them and I use them all the time.” So I know I am not alone in this obsession. Anyway, my point? If you find yourself buying something from Lululemon (after all, their new Walnut Street store just opened earlier this week), don’t — I repeat, don’t — throw away the bag. You’ll thank me later.

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