The Checkup: The 31-Day Workout Challenge You Can Do Entirely at Home

And more fit reads to start your day.

• If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your fitness program, this might just do the trick: a one-month workout challenge with fitness videos you can follow at home. [POPSUGAR

• Forget counting sheep. Your iPhone will soon be able to help you go to sleep, thanks to a feature of Apple’s new operating system (release date: TBA), which automatically shifts the cold-blue glow of your iPhone to a warmer, snooze-inducing hue after the sun goes down. [BuzzFeed]

• Here’s an interesting read: how the reward-centered psychology of a McDonald’s Happy Meal could be the key to cajoling adults to eat less. [Fast Company]

• Behold! The theft-proof bike for city bike commuters (or anyone who is loathe to have their wheels lifted). [Outside]

• Can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your hair brush? It’s time — brushes can be breeding grounds for dust mites and yeast. Ick. [Women’s Health]

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