The Checkup: Why Certain Diets Work for Some People But Not Others

And other healthy reads to start your Tuesday.

• Ever wonder why your friend’s crazy diet helped her lose 20 pounds, but you can’t seem to budge the scale following the exact same regimen? Researchers just discovered a key insight into dieting: that people’s bodies react differently to the exact same food — wildly differently, in some cases. Now, they think they’ve stumbled onto a way to optimize your diet for your own body. [The Atlantic

• Here’s something that doesn’t make an appearance on the Thanksgiving table very often: salad. Really, really good salad, at that. These seasonal and nutritious mixes are totally worthy of your Thanksgiving feast. [Fitness Magazine]

• Whoa. A new study found that men seriously stuff their faces when they eat in front of women. In the study, men ate 93 percent (!!) more pizza when they dined with ladies. Click through to find out why. [Complex]

• Genius: how a single piece of string can tell you if you’re too fat. [Washington Post]

• What your dermatologist really, really, really wants to tell you. [BuzzFeed]

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