The Checkup: This Is the Best Time to Put on Deodorant

And more reads to make your morning a little less stinky.

• Well, your morning routine just got a little less rushed (You’re welcome). Turns out, the best time to apply an antiperspirant so that it actually does its job is before bed, when your natural sweating rate is lower, not in the morning. Who knew? [Greatist]

• These are the countries where folks report the best quality of life. Spoiler alert: America is not number one on the list — but it didn’t do too shabby, either! [Fast Company]

• Sometimes we just need someone to break things down for us: Here, a guide to which carbs and fats are bad guys and which ones aren’t. [The New York Times]

• Because mid-Spin class wedgies are the worst: The best underwear to wear for a workout. [Elle]

De-clutter your home, already. If your life is anything like this woman’s, it could save you lots of sanity and some big bucks.  [Well + Good]

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