The Checkup: The Dirtiest Things You Touch on an Airplane (Hint: The Bathroom Handle Is the Least of Your Worries)

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• A microbiologist set out to find the dirtiest things in airports and airplanes and, man, if you’ve been fearful of the bathroom door handle for all these years, that was the least of your worries. Turns out, the tray table — yeah, the one you eat peanuts off of and lay your head down on to try and squeeze in a decent nap — is the grimiest place of all. [CNN

• Here’s some fascinating news: McDonald’s purchases a whopping 5 percent of all the eggs produced in the U.S. each year. And that news makes this news really big: The company has just announced they’ll be transitioning to using cage-free eggs in the US and Canada. [TIME]

Happiness: WTF does that really mean, anyway? As this short video will soon tell you, there really isn’t a true definition — or any one way we can achieve it. [The Atlantic]

• Your pasta-free guide to carb-loading for a long run. You are welcome. [Runner’s World]

• Why you should stop multitasking already, and how to actually avoid touching your iPhone or checking Facebook or posting a photo of yourself being oh-so-focused to Instagram long enough to actually complete a single task, right this way [Greatist]

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