5 Philly Lunch Sandwiches You Won’t Feel Bad About Eating

One for every day of the workweek!



Philly is very much a sandwich city: pork roll sandwiches, cheesesteaks, egg and cheese sandwiches from food carts. Sandwiches rule this city. But the best case scenario with most of Philly’s most popular sandwiches is that you eat one and then instantly fall into a food-coma-induced nap before you even have a chance to regret all the damage you’ve just done to your diet. And forget about eating one in the middle of the work day (because food coma, hello). Just forget it.

So, in celebration of National Sandwich Month (big ups to our friends over at Foobooz for letting us know this is a thing that people actually celebrate), we give you this: Five Philly lunch sandwiches that won’t send you into a food coma or a shame spiral and, best of all, won’t give you an ounce of post-meal regret. Check ‘em out below then put them on your must-eat list.

What: Grilled Veg and Provolone
Where: Pure Fare, Multiple locations.

This sandwich, served up on gluten-free bread (everything at this shop is gluten-free, by the way), is loaded with veggies — broccolini, portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers — layered on top of a creamy roasted red pepper spread and sharp provolone cheese. It’s the perfect balance of indulgent and healthy and, to make it even better, it rings in at just 385 calories.

What: Thai Chicken
Where: Fuel, Multiple locations.

At this eatery, a popular joint among the fitness obsessed, the majority of the menu is under 500 calories, making it pretty much impossible to overdo it by accident. Nice, right? You can opt for this Thai-inspired combo of chicken (or tofu — your choice!) with cucumbers, carrots, fresh basil, crunchy noodles and spicy peanut sauce as a wrap or a sandwich. (And it’s official: I’m drooling on my keyboard.)

What: The Veggie
Where: Knead Bagels, 725 Walnut Street, Washington Square West.

This veggie sandwich — fillings include avocado, sprouts, roasted peppers and lentil hummus — is served on the bagelry’s Superfood bagel. Yes, a Superfood bagel. It’s made with flax meal (an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids) and sprinkled with chia seeds, onion and garlic. So as far as bagels go, it’s a pretty darn good choice.

What: Grilled Eggplant
Where: High Street on Market, 308 Market Street, Old City.

Usually when it’s being stuffed into a sandwich, eggplant is first breaded then fried to death. But not here! This sandwich is stuffed with grilled eggplant, smoked tomato sauce, Amish smoked cheddar and fresh romaine. And honestly, the bread at this Old City mainstay is so good that calories shouldn’t even be a factor, but you can always lighten the sandwich up by ditching a slice.

What: Pane Panelle
Where: Garces Trading Company, 1111 Locust Street, Washington Square West.

Okay, okay, so this sandwich does include a fried item. But, it’s a fried block of chickpeas! Talk about a protein-filled lunch. The deliciously crispy block of chickpeas is served over arugula and topped off with red pepper confit, making it saucy enough to skip the basil aioli it’s served with and still enjoy it. And you can easily lose half the bun and make it an open-faced sammie. Mmmmm.

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