Have Some Of Philly’s Finest Sandwiches Delivered For Free

The Fresh Mozz at Meltkraft.

The Fresh Mozz at Meltkraft.

Hey, did you guys know that its National Sandwich Month? Well it is, and we’re celebrating by bringing you the best sandwich news we can find.

Yesterday, it was an up-close-and-personal look at the Gizmo from Paesano’s. Today, it’s the new Local Deals promotion from Caviar that’s going on right now. In keeping with our theme, we thought we’d do a round-up of all the best sandwiches you could have delivered to you until Friday with no delivery charge.

So get out your stretchy pants, folks. It’s going to be that kind of week.

In no particular order:

Luke’s Lobster: Lobster rolls at your desk are so much better than whatever you brought from home today.

Plenty Cafe: With two sandwiches on their menu that we have decided are the best (the Barcelona this year, and the New Orleans last year), it’s hard to make a wrong turn when ordering here.

High Street on Market: Pastrami on Rye, no questions asked.

Paesano’s: We just had this beauty.  Unfortunately, the Gizmo isn’t a regular on the menu, so instead we suggest, well, everything else.

Garces Trading Co: We think their Pane Panella is the best vegetarian sandwich around. Get it for dinner tonight and decide for yourself.

Mama’s Vegetarian: If you end up getting the eggplant sandwich, you’ll get your veggies in and still celebrate the deliciousness of sandwich month. Moderation, right?

Schlesinger’s Deli: There are a lot of options. Go with your gut. If you can’t finish one of their monsters, then it looks like you’ve just handled dinner decisions as well, doesn’t it?.

Meltkraft: Again, with bread and cheese as their mainstays, there are no wrong choices. Except not getting a grilled cheese for lunch.

Little Nonna’s: the Instagram of their Roast Pork sandwich had me drooling at my desk last week, but now I can satisfy the craving without even getting up from my desk. This is how I know the sandwich force is ever in my favor.

Brauhaus Schmitz: How does schnitzel sound? Or a wurst? One of their many burgers? Doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s all going to be good.

Percy Street BBQ: Their pulled pork sandwich is now on your list of possible at-home dinner options, meaning you just rendered meal-planning either very easy or impossible.

Pub & Kitchen: And then it all could just get even more delicious if you add a P&K cheeseburger to the table, too.

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