The Checkup: This Is the Best Way to Catch Your Breath Mid-Workout

And more healthy reads for your morning.


• Finally, the mystery has been solved! When you’re trying to catch your breath mid-workout, your best bet is not to put your hands over your head like many think, but to bend forward at the waist and put your hands on your knees, a new study shows. Why should you care? Well, catching your breath efficiently between sets means you’re able to tackle the next set just as hard as the last, making for a more effective workout. [Men’s Health]

• Word to the wise: A little “thank you” in the office goes a long way. [Science of Us]

• Here’s something you’ve probably never thought about pickling: Watermelon rind. Yes, the hard, white part you usually avoid at all costs. Turns out, it’s quite the superfood — and can actually taste good if you try hard enough! [Q by Equinox]

• If you’re not drinking green tea all day, every day already, you probably should be. A slew of studies show it just might be the most affordable belly-flattening ingredient around. [Yahoo Health]

• If you’ve been known to hold onto your bike’s bars like you’re holding on for dear life during a spin class, you’re going to want to loosen up — a looser grip helps to keep tension out of your shoulders. And if you rock your hips, you’re going to want to cut that out, too. That rocking puts pressure on your hip flexors. Everything you’re doing wrong in spin class, this way. [Well + Good]

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