The Checkup: Why Tons of Women Are Going Commando During Workouts

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• Before today, I had no idea that working out sans underwear was actually a popular practice. And why would I? No one ever talks about it. Before you say “Ick,” it turns out that a ton of women find it more comfortable, especially in the heat. And according to experts, going commando is perfectly safe and sanitary if you take these precautions. [Greatist]

• Bummed your FitBit doesn’t match your ballgown? You’re in luck — the Misfit Swarovski Shine is pretty and fancy enough to wear on any occasion, and, lucky for us, there are more fashionable fitness trackers in the works, too. [New York Times]

• You seem to hear the same running advice over and over again through the grapevine — always stretch before you run, eat potassium to prevent cramps, and so on — but, unfortunately, not all of it is legit. This professor of exercise science dives into eight running myths to sort fact from fiction. [SHAPE]

• Summer is the only time of year you can get your hands on fresh tomatoes that actually taste like anything. While they’re still overflowing at your farmers’ market, we suggest you consult this list of drool-worthy recipes that use tomatoes as the main ingredient. [Huffington Post]

• We all have go-to ways of dealing when we aren’t feeling so hot, but that Netflix binge after a tough day at work might not really be cheering you up. Take note of these common coping strategies that actually don’t do much for your mental health.  [BuzzFeed]

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