My Top Five: Ways to Recover From a Killer Workout

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Photo via Joe Petrusky

Trust me, I know the feeling: You had a killer workout at the gym yesterday and went home feeling amazing and accomplished. Then, you woke up the next morning feeling like you got punched hard in about five different places. And walking up the stairs? Forget about it. On days like these, it’s important to reward your body for its hard work with a little much-needed rest and relaxation.

So, we got Joe Petrusky, coach and owner of Crossfit Love in Northern Liberties, to fill us in on his top five favorite ways to recover from a hardcore workout. From acupuncture, to massage, and more, here’s how he unwinds tight muscles and gets his body in tip-top shape for his next sweat session.

1. Rolfing at The Structural Wellness Center of Philadelphia
1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1305, Center City.

“Rolfing [a massage technique], or what owner Brain Stern calls ‘structural integration,’ is the best way to correct range of motion or body alignment issues,” Petrusky says. “It can aid recovery from demanding workouts or just life! It’s for anyone who is interested in maximizing their body’s athletic performance or simply easing daily life’s aches and pains.”

“If your body is in alignment and there are no nagging knots keeping things tight, your body will move better, no matter what you’re into. I recommend Brian Stern to any athlete or general population with an injury, slight discomfort, or anyone looking for better posture and alignment. Brian can watch the way you walk, squat, or move, and know which joint or muscle is out of balance. Then he’ll formulate a planned schedule to fix you up!”

2. Acupuncture at The Acupuncture Practice of Dawn and Bob Weisbord
The Medical Tower, 255 S 17th Street, Suite 1502, Rittenhouse.

“Sometimes, recovery is less about focusing on specific joints or muscles, and more about the way the body works from the inside-out,” Petrusky says. “Nobody is in perfect balance — everyone has a side that’s stronger, or one hip that compensates for the other, and then we learn how to move with these imbalances. Acupuncture is a great way to undo damage that’s deeply set into your muscle memory.”

3. Sports Massage at PhilaMassages
132 South 17th Street, 4th Floor, Rittenhouse.

PhilaMassages knows how to work with athletes and when it’s time for a competition or a race or any sort of event, recovery before and afterwards is so crucial,” Petrusky explains. “I recommend their Sports Massage or Active Isolated Stretching.”

4. Body Treatments at Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon
243 West Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills.

“Joseph Anthony Spa and Salon is in Glen Mills and they’re opening a location in Springfield. Skin care, body care, and relaxation are just as important as working hard,” Petrusky says. “The spa uses herbal mixtures in their body treatments to help relieve muscle pain and mud for joint pain. Fitness can be hard on your hands and feet — manicures and pedicures are typically for women, but as any CrossFitter, lifter, or gymnast knows, calloused hands are a bloody disaster waiting to happen. And for the runners out, take care of those feet. Manis and pedis help improve circulation, ease tension, and keep skin smooth.”

5. Fuel with Progenex

“The most important way to recover after a workout is with nutrition and fueling your body,” Petrusky says. “There’s about a 30-minute metabolic window after you work out when you can maximize muscle growth and repair. If you want to increase strength or just be less sore the next day, add protein to your post-workout ritual. The easiest way to refuel is a simple protein shake … just add water. If you can’t whip up some eggs or carry chicken in your gym bag, then keep a bag of Progenex Recovery with you. Recovery is a whey protein isolate that’s quickly absorbed and tastes better than any of the other supplements on the market. You can get it online and at CrossFit Love.”

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