The Checkup: The Absolute Most Genius Way to Eat Avocado in the Summertime 

And more healthy reads to start your day.



Avocado and green tea popsicles, people! They are real, they are genius, and they are so easy to make. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If you are a Cetaphil devotee, this may make you rethink your face-washing routine: Turns out, it might not be the skin-friendly face-food it’s often touted as. [Well + Good]

• Welp, this will put you off cilantro — and maybe anything grown in the ground — for awhile. A bunch of people recently got sick due to cilantro being grown in fields filled with toilet paper … and everything else that comes along with toilet paper. [Yahoo Health]

TED talks are the new pep talks: Here, the nine best TED talks help you kick ass in every aspect of your work life. [Greatist]

• In case you didn’t know, your iPhone is basically a fitness tracker. In fact, it’s been counting your steps for months. [Men’s Health]

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